Do Trade Shows Attract New Customers?

The purposes of trade shows and exhibitions are to showcase the business and display new products and services to attract new customers. There is no question that highlighting the latest version of electronics; presenting the newest toys for year; or demonstrating the most advanced kitchen gadgets will get visitors through the doors in droves. The real question is do trade shows actually attract new customers for businesses? The short answer is that it depends. The longer answer is that there are several factors that determine if a trade show will result in new customers for any one business.

One of the biggest factors is presentation. Businesses that occupy booth space with a printed table cloth and cheap promotional gifts will not even attract visitors to the booth, let alone customers to the business. Trade shows are crowded, noisy, and busy. It is easy to travel up and down aisles and completely miss a few booths. Those held outdoors can even be more cluttered as people are packed into limited space, and are competing with the sounds of traffic and other forms of noise pollution. The business can have the best product at the show and not get noticed, if the space is not attractive, bold, and unique.

Event tents, Marquees, and sky banners printed in full color will get any business noticed. These products are strong, flexible, and portable. They can be used inside or outside, depending on the venue and the needs. Lightweight aluminum construction makes setting up and taking down fast and easy. No tools are required, and items come with a carry bag. There are a variety of sizes and styles to help a business stand out among the competition.

A three-sided tent can provide a temporary respite from the crowds and allow visitors to give the business their full attention. A six-sided marquee tent is not seen at every trade show, so it will definitely not be missed. Star tents are perfect for outdoor events. A single pole supports three, five, or eight points that extend outward. That is a lot of space in which to place a bold business logo and get noticed.