Hiding Dark Circles: Look Bright-Eyed and Ready for the Day

There are lots of reasons why dark circles under the eyes appear in the morning. For some, it demonstrates the need for more sleep. For others, it might be a sign of slight overindulgence the evening before. Still others may find the circles are a result of their allergies. No matter what the reason is, the goal is hiding dark circles. In addition to getting more sleep and treating the area with products designed to help combat the issue, there are ways to add a little bit of makeup to mask the darkness.


It might sound hard to believe, but colors like peach, orange, and even yellow can help. The goal is to counteract the dark circles by using a color that actually cancels it out. In general, those with lighter skin tones are more likely to see the best results with things like peach or orange concealer. Darker skin tones often benefit from the yellow. Putting it on for the first time can be a little shocking, but the other steps help to bring the entire process full circle with exceptional results.


After counteracting the dark circles, the goal is to conceal the changes. It’s important to use a concealer that matches the skin tone. Going too light can draw attention to the area and make things worse. Going too dark can cause the circles to be more pronounced. The type of concealer used isn’t as important as the application. This isn’t a time to go thick and heavy. Instead, a small amount around the entire area should help to even out the skin and create a great look.


Throughout the process, the counteracting colors and the skin tone concealer should be blended in to reduce the harsh lines. Once all of that is done, it’s important to make sure that the changes blend into the rest of the face. This means adding foundation over the face and gently blending it into the area underneath the eyes. A soft touch is going to go a long way. Once this is done, a powder can help seal everything in, allowing this look to last throughout the day.