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Guide to Taking Good Care Of Your Eyes

Eye care is one of the essential things that one can do to maintain the quality of their lives. Many people suffer eye loss due to negligence while others are as a result of normal eye conditions. It is good to not that some eye conditions cannot be prevented, however there are some that can be maintained by practicing healthy eye care behaviors. To have a good eye health, you need to begin by eating healthy foods that contain the nutrients necessary for maintaining a perfect eyesight. One need to ensure that their daily meals are rich in foods that contain nutrients such as vitamin C and E, fatty acids that are essential in preventing vision problems such as cataracts. One need to consume the following foods to take proper care of their eyes, these include pork meat, oysters, fruits such as oranges and lemon, oily fish including tuna and salmon, green vegetables like kales and spinach.

Cigarette smokers need to quit smoking if they want to have a good eyesight. Cigarettes has negative effect on the sight of the smoker in that it increases the chances of one getting cataracts which have the effect of damaging the optic nerves which then affect sight. Furthermore, it is vital to have a regular physical examination to check for conditions that can affect your sight. If you have signs of high blood pressure or diabetes; it is advisable that you get medication earlier failure to which can cause eye problems. Patients who suffer from either diabetes o high blood pressure are at a risk of contracting eye stroke.

It is important to beware of any body changes especially your vision. It is recommended to consult your eye doctor when you notice changes in your vision. If you begin experiencing the following signs, it is essential that you see an eye doctor, these include difficulty seeing in low light conditions, double vision, eye pain, eye swelling, red eyes, hazy vision as well as seeing recurrent flashes of light. In addition, you need to develop a culture of getting your checked regularly say every year. In the checkup, the eye professional will know if there is any sign of developing eye disease some of which do not show early signs.

It is also necessary to wear eye protective gears when at work, professionals such as welders, masons, plumbers and chemical experts need to ensure that their eyes are covered to avoid damage during accidents. It is vital to research on your family history to know if some of the members had eyes condition. The information on family history is vital since it will enable you to know if some of your family members had hereditary eye problems.

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