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Things to Consider When Posting a Recruitment Advertisement Business will not function without employees. People are responsible in handling the production of goods or providing services to the consumers. It is a fact that manpower resource is critical to the operation of the company. However, the human resource is not a fix aspect. Some employees will look for a better position and resign from the company. Others are laid off for certain reasons. People will also retire after reaching a certain age. In such cases, the company has to fill up the vacancy. Thus, recruitment is necessary. When it comes to recruitment, advertising for it could bring a lot of potential candidates. Here are the things to consider when posting a recruitment advertisement. Job description – Let the people know the job they can get. What work is being offered? It should not just be a job title. Describe the work and all the things involved on the job. This will let the applicants know what the company expects from them once they got the job. Do not forget to put the expected salary for the position. How many people will get hired? – You need to specify how many positions are available. Some recruitment is only for one position. Others are looking for several persons to recruit. Applicants are not much interested to struggle on a single vacancy. They would prefer if there are several available positions as they got a higher chance of landing a job.
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Job requirements – If not all people can apply, you need to specify the minimum qualifications. It would be waste of time and resources to interview those who do not have the necessary qualifications to perform the job. You can limit the required experience, educational background or skills for those who can qualify for the job. This will limit the applicants to qualified people. This is one effective way to screen people without spending energy and resources.
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Recruitment process – Although companies will not provide the exact recruitment process, the recruitment advertisement should at least contain the basic information on what the recruitment process is going to be. Will the applicant have to pass an exam or simply complete an oral interview. Applicants will know how to prepare for the recruitment. Location of the recruitment or contact information – A contact number or location for the interview is also important in the advertisement. This allow the applicants to reach out to the recruitment team. Phone interview is also another form of recruitment process. Others would directly provide a recruitment address. Schedule for recruitment – You also need to specify the recruitment date. Some recruitment will last for just a day. Other recruitment takes weeks giving applicants more flexibility in their schedule. Be interesting – A recruitment speech can greatly increase the potential applicants for the job. This will help increase the number of applicants who are going for the interview. These things can help you create an amazing advertisement for your recruitment.